It’s Up to You!

Most everything in your life is the result of a choice you made. So if you want a different result then make a different choice. Here are a few ways to practice making good choices towards your own self-care. • Learn something new • Make a list of your accomplishments • Sit outside and have … More It’s Up to You!

Think Positive, Talk Positive, Feel Positive

If you think positive, you’ll talk positive and feel positive. Did you know that when you change the way you think, you change the chemistry of your brain?  Positive thoughts push the chemistry in a positive direction and negative thoughts in a negative direction.  It’s a biological event that happens based on what YOU CHOOSE to think … More Think Positive, Talk Positive, Feel Positive

Raising Children Can Be Tough – But So Are You!

Raising children can sometimes be tough . . . but so are you!  Don’t forget, you’re not alone; God is with you.   Tips for Single Moms Stop feeling guilty. Beating yourself up or spoiling your child because you are single helps no one. Set clear boundaries. Set clear expectations of behavior and chores that … More Raising Children Can Be Tough – But So Are You!

No More Supermom!

There is no such creature as a perfect mom  . . . only moms who do their best. In the midst of answering lots of questions, running errands and washing enough laundry to fill a football stadium, Moms can sometimes lose perspective on what is most important.  It’s not that we mean to, it’s just … More No More Supermom!